ANTEPES Muscle Runner Short Review

Your Muscle Runner Will Make You Run Faster

You may be wondering what all the fuss about forefoot striking is and why Muscle Runners can make you a faster more powerful athlete. Let me explain why.  Some of...
Muscle Running in Washington Circle in DC. Injury Prevention.

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is the key to a healthier and continuous active lifestyle or success in any sport. Proper running form and training under-utilized muscles may significantly help with reducing the risk of injury.
Marathon champion takes the Muscle Runners for a Muscle Run

Tips on Getting Started with the Muscle Runners

I found that once I had gotten going that the shoes were promoting a good foot strike position below my center of gravity and encouraging me to keep my torso in an upright position which led me to feel quite efficient in the shoe. After my very short easy run in these I feel like they actually done a good job of stretching out my calves and Achilles.

We're Just Getting started - antepes

We're Just Getting started

antepes Muscle Runners incorporate many ground-breaking technologies, including a higher sole stack in the forefoot area as compared to the heel area, ForeStrike, Forefoot Gain, Heel Gain and HEELX heel counter.