STEP 1: Break-In Period

Gettin' Started

First things first. The Muscle Runners are made of the highest quality components and natural fibers! They need to be broken-into and there is break-in period of about a couple of weeks. For the break-in period do the following:

  • Wear semi-thick & long socks:
    The cushioning behind the heel is a little firm at first. Squeeze the cushioning with your fingers, or attach a clip to it overnight, to help it break-in sooner.
  • Tight mid-foot fit:
    If the shoe is too tight, then remove the laces for a few runs until the natural fibers have taken their natural shape.
  • HEELX tabs:
    If the tabs rub on the back of the ankle, then gently bend them back. They might have been pushed forward during transportation.

Roll & Raise

Any muscle intensive workout requires the body to be warmed up as to avoid injuring the unprepared cold body's muscles, tendons and ligaments.

  • Roll your leg muscles with the Fascia Crusher:
    Using the supplied (if purchased together) Fascia Crusher massage roller, roll your calves, the muscles around your ankles and the legs' tendons and ligaments.
  • Calf Raises with 1. Straight Legs & 2. Bent Knees:
    Perform two-leg calf raises in the Muscle Runners by lowering your heels to the ground and raising them in a slow and steady motion, hold at the top for 2 seconds, then lower your heels very slowly. Perform this calf raise with only 1 foot when you've grown strong after about a 1 month. Perform 2 sets of 15-30 reps with stiff straight-legs to strengthen the upper calves (Gastrocnemius) and the Achilles. Then perform another 2 sets of 15-30 repetitions with bent knees to strengthen the lower calves (Soleus) and the Achilles.
STEP 3: Testing your body

Short distance run

The ideal running gait for the shoes, and testing period:

  • Running Gait: The athlete is encouraged to approach and strike the ground with the forefoot, between the front half of the arch and the ball of the foot, then roll forward towards the ball of the foot, and then initiate lift-off. Even though the heel can be lowered to the ground to help alleviate some of the weight off of the calves, it is encouraged that over time the athlete would avoid touching or putting too much weight on the ground through the heel portion of the shoe.
  • Lower Frequency Of Runs: We only encourage running 2 to 3 times a week with the Muscle Runners.
  • Shorter Distance Run: Limit the distance to only 1 or 2 miles for the first couple of sessions as to evaluate your leg strength and to ensure not to try to grow the muscles stronger too fast, which may take a toll on the tendons connected to those muscles.
Goal: Find Your Groove

Speed - strength - distance

Run slow long distances, fast short distances and perform your plyometric drills, such as the ones in our Training Guides, in your new favorite athletic shoes, as you see fit for your athletic capability!

Muscle soreness is a common result from training in the Muscle Runners and is a sign of muscle growth. However, if there is any tendon pain, such as from the Achilles tendon, then stop using the Muscle Runners and start rolling and massaging your lower legs until the body has fully recovered and the pain is gone.

Muscle Run™ Trainers

Muscle Running™ technology and DNA may take some time to get used to and some extra time for the body to physically adjust and work itself up to. How to get started with the Muscle Runners:

  • Start with approaching the ground with the forefoot dropped lower than the heel and strike the ground with the front of the foot's arch

  • Then roll from there onward towards the ball of the foot

  • Start lifting the foot from the ball of the foot

  • Keep weight off of the toes and only use the toes for balance

  • Drive your knee forward and towards your chest until you start feeling your flexors start pulling your leg down. Start dorsiflexing your foot during this motion.

  • Then drive your foot down and under the center of your mass

  • Repeat the above


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