Muscle Running is essentially sprint engineering. Most running programs cater to distance running (couch to 5K). While jogging is a fine sport, muscle running builds endurance and strength. All sports require multi-directional movement. Muscle Running targets all planes. The 30 Drills & Skills Program can. Stay tuned to see our weekly updates on sport specific training guides. The antepes Training Guide will educate on how to maximize your training as it's important to target the underutilized muscle groups to prevent injury and overuse.

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Prepare & Recover

Hard workouts and running session require proper preparation, including warmup, stretching and rolling.

And afterwards the body needs the required recovery activities, including cooling down, stretching and rolling.

Train to Gain

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The Muscle Runners will help you on your journey to improve your balance, mobility, agility, speed, strength, and especially your running and training form.