The Antepes Story

Creating a better running experience by reinventing the running shoe! The antepes Muscle Runners transfer the landing impact, weight and rotational momentum from the joints in your ankles, knees and lower back to where this impact is supposed to be absorbed by, your shoes and your muscles! Thereby strengthening the leg muscles and joints and facilitating a healthier and stronger running, Muscle Running! Welcome to the Ultimate Performance Super-Trainers, the Muscle Runners!


Our Vision



antepes was started by avid runner Shah. He’s run for fitness, leisure and competitions all of his life (including breaking a school record), and also played college soccer where he was the golden boot winner. Running has always been an important part of who he is. In 2015, Shah developed a bone spur on one of his feet. When he ran long distances, the bone spur would flare up. He tried everything he (and doctors!) could come up with to get rid of the bone spur, but it seemed like surgery was the only cure. After re-evaluating his running form, he tried forefoot running, thinking it might at least prevent the bone spur from getting worse. He was amazed to find that his problem went away in a short time, and he never went back to heel striking! 

Drawing upon his background in engineering, Shah believed a better running shoe design could enhance his forefoot running experience. He decided that instead of forefoot running in a heel-striking shoe, he would develop a shoe especially for proper forefoot running. He discovered muscle running™️ and started making shoes for forefoot running and beyond that specifically enable a muscle run™. 

After pouring two and a half years into perfecting the design and composition of the Muscle Runners™, we are happy to share this Muscle Running™ shoe with YOU.

Experience The Difference

We've created a technical running shoe that's specifically designed to ease a forefoot strike by eliminating the unnecessary and hindering cushioning under the heel and placing the majority of the cushioning under the forefoot and aligned with the ball of the foot.

It is done so with precision and countless miles of testing. The majority of the cushioning starts appearing just in front of the arch of the foot and maintains the depth of cushioning until the ball of the foot, before starting to fade away to create a smooth but not sharp forefoot rocker to enable a superior forefoot balance.

The Muscle Runners are a first of it's kind and there's truly NOTHING like it! We're pioneering and innovating for a healthier and stronger way of running, MUSCLE RUNNING!

Ony A Limited Number Available

Get your Muscle Runners

The MUSCLE RUNNERS are shipped inside the FREE Fascia Crusher! Every purchase includes both!