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This generic t-shirt has our trademarked Work Mark, antepes, trademarked Design Mark, our logo, printed on the front and the back. The back additionally bears our trademarked Work Mark, Run On Muscle.

Our t-shirt lets everyone know that you don't just run, you Run On Muscle!


A tri-blend super soft knit t-shirt that you can wear for sports or casual purposes

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the first and most innovative midfoot & forefoot specific running shoe

The anatomy of the muscle runners


  • Forefoot Cushioning: 27.5 MM (With Insole: 31.5 MM)
  • Heel Cushioning: 17.5 MM (With Insole: 21.5 MM)
  • Forefoot Gain™️ of 10MM (heel-to-toe gain)
  • Heel Gain™️ of 18MM (heel outsole raised above ground)
  • Weight for Size M8.5: 256g/9oz
  • The forefoot is dropped about 10 MM lower than the heel inside the shoe
  • Heel ground clearance: 18 MM when the forefoot is level with the ground


  • Forefoot Gain™️ provides more cushioning under the forefoot than under the heel. The dual-density foam – consisting of two TPE foam layers of varying firmness – guarantees maximum comfort and performance

  • Heel Gain™️ elevates the heel when the shoe is positioned parallel to the ground. This ensures avoiding ground contact during landing and helps maintain the perfect Muscle Running™ form. There's about 8mm* less cushioning under the heel as compared to the cushioning under the forefoot


  • ForeSpring™️ Plate: dual-flex Carbon Fiber Plate that is more flexible in the forefoot and more rigid under the arch and heel. The ForeSpring plate is sandwiched between the two TPE Midsole Foams in the Forefoot, But sitting on the Top Surface of the Midsole Foam under the Heel 

  • ForeSpring™️ Foam: dual-density super-light, super-springy foam customized for softer feel right below the forefoot and slightly stiffer layer for ground contact. A first TPE Foam sits under a slightly Softer second TPE Foam for maximum comfort and performance


  • HEELX™️ is our innovative heel-counter locks in the heel to reduce the shoe’s contact with the achilles tendon. HEELX™ sits between the ankle (malleolus) bones and the achilles to secure the heel (calcaneus) while still ensuring full heel mobility

  • HEELX extensions on each side allow for the upper fabric to be much lower (~ 5mm) behind the heel as compared to most other running shoes

  • HEELX™️ soft foam & hard plastic combine to provide a soft touch and rigid grip of the heel to lower impact on the Achilles.
    Also referred to as XHEEL™️

Muscle Runners + fascia crusher


Muscle Running

How the Muscle Runners Enable Forefoot Running

The MUSCLE RUNNERS were designed to give you every bit of forefoot running support a shoe can provide. The antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS design is the culmination of over two years of research, development, and experimentation. Every feature, measurement, and material were chosen to provide the best forefoot running experience.   

The antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS design includes: 

  • A well-cushioned forefoot sole with dual-density. Muscle Runners™️ give you cushioning where you need it the most: under the forefoot and the front half of your midfoot. Unlike other running shoes on the market, the majority of cushioning on a pair of antepes Muscle Runners is found where you will strike during a forefoot run. The cushioning is expertly designed to absorb shock from your running surface when your forefoot hits the ground. 
  • A slim sole at the heel. If you’ve tried running in a traditional running shoe, you likely were frustrated that you couldn’t get a great forefoot strike with a bulky heel in the way. antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS eliminate the extra cushioning at the heel to streamline your running experience and add more comfort during your run.  
  • Stability and flexibility. Flexibility in the foot is essential for forefoot running. That’s why antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS contain a split Carbon Fiber Plate from the midfoot on toward the front. The Carbon Fiber Plate stabilizes the metatarsophalangeal joints, providing extra stability distributing weight to the ball of the foot rather than to the toes. 
  • A sole ideally shaped for forefoot running. The sole is angled to facilitate striking in an area between behind the ball of the foot and in front of the arch, and from there efficiently rolling off onto the ball of the foot. The cushioning allows the calf muscle to stretch farther, which makes it easier for your foot to create the needed rebound for forefoot running. 
antepes Mountain Texture

Eco-Friendy and Sustainable Upper & Sole

We spent over two years researching and testing the best materials for the MUSCLE RUNNERS. We obsessed over finding materials that would enhance performance and comfort while being friendly to the environment. Materials being implemented comprise: 

Merino Wool. The shoe’s upper is 30% merino wool. We chose wool because it provides temperature regulation in both warm and cold weather. It is also moisture-wicking and dries quickly

Lenzing™️ Tencel™️ - Eucalyptus tree fibers. 30% of the shoe’s upper is made of Lenzing-certified Tencel made of eucalyptus tree fibers, which keeps the foot cool

Lenzing™️ Tencel™️ - Eucalyptus tree fibers for the laces. antepes MUSCLE RUNNERS feature laces made of 80% Tencel eucalyptus fibers with biodegradable lace tips. These are both eco-friendly and feel luxurious . . . because even tying your shoes should be a great experience. The remaining 20% of the laces are made up of 100% recycled PET

Eco-Friendly Non-Fluorine Water Repellent Finish. We keep your feet dry in wet conditions and stay eco-friendly and sustainable while doing so. We went the extra distance in every single aspect of the Muscle Runners™️

A Super-Critical TPE foam. We chose an extremely advanced TPE foam that is light-weight, durable and yet has a high energy return. As a matter of fact, every foam component in the MUSCLE RUNNERS' sole uses this foam

Premium & Advanced Materials & Components

Midsole Top Layer in the Forefoot and Insole - Produced from a first Proprietary TPE Foam Blend 

Midsole Bottom Layer and HEELX™️ Counter Foam - Produced from a second Proprietary TPE Foam Blend 

HEELX™️ Counter Hard Exterior - Produced from a Proprietary TPU Blend 

ForeSpring™️ Plate - Consisting of a Dual-Stiffness Dual-Split Carbon Fiber Plate 

ForeGrip™️ Outsole - Natural Rubber-based Proprietary Rubber Blend 

Bio-Based One-Piece Upper - Consists of Knit Fabric being Composed of the Highest Performing & Quality Luxury Materials, comprising:

30% Merino Wool 

30% Lenzing® Tencel® (Eucalyptus Tree Fibers) 

30% Hot-Melt Nylon (for Performance and Durability) 

10% Spandex (for Stretchability in the Tongue) 

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Free Fascia CRUSHER for warmup & recovery

Fascia Crusher massage rollers are included with every pair of MUSCLE RUNNERS, so (muscle) run to the checkout!

Run on Muscle

Why muscle running?

If you already run on your forefoot, you know of the amazing benefits, such as strengthening the calf and ankle, preventing injury, and increasing stamina - MUSCLE RUNNING™️ involves running entirely on the fore-45% of the bottom surface length of the foot 

It is often said that forefoot running is the natural way to run. If you watch children run, you’ll find that most children forefoot strike. There is a lot of research to suggest that forefoot running contributes to the most natural running form. 

When you run on your forefoot, your body benefits in a number of ways: 

First, striking on the forefoot reduces the impact on your joints.

Landing on your forefoot allows your feet, legs, and upper body to distribute and gradually absorb the shock of impact on your running surface. Striking with your heel, on the other hand, sends the shock of impact directly through your leg to important, injury-prone areas of the body, such as the shin, knee, and hip.  

Second, landing and rolling off on the forefoot contributes to a healthier running form.

Many people who strike on the forefoot notice that their running form and running posture improve.  

Third, running on your forefoot strengthens important muscles.

Running on your forefoot can strengthen your calves, muscles in your feet, and muscles around your ankle in ways that heel striking could never achieve. If you are new to forefoot running, this strengthening process will increase your capacity for forefoot running and beyond. And if you run long-distance and prefer to continue running long-distance by heel striking, increased muscle strength from forefoot running can improve your long-distance running. Forefoot striking builds muscle, which is why we have coined the term “muscle running!” 

How do the MUSCLE RUNNERS compare to what is on the market right now?

Forefoot running with what is on the market now can be difficult, frustrating, and counter-productive. Overall, forefoot running in current shoes can prevent proper running form. When a runner tries to land on the forefoot in current shoes, the heel often intrudes upon the forefoot striking process or runners can be forced to strike on their tippy toes, which is unhealthy for the toes and may lead to phalangeal (toe bones) stress fractures. As a result, the traditional shoe doesn’t allow the mid foot (front half of the arch of the foot) to strike the ground, and it is difficult for the runner to roll off onto the ball of the foot.

The Muscle Runners incorporate a unique design where the cushioning gradually increases under the arch of the foot and aligns parallel with the ball of the foot, and as a result help make training and running on the forefoot feel natural. They also incorporate a full-length forefoot-split Carbon Fiber Plate to give them the stability and flexibility needed for forefoot running. The Carbon Fiber Plates stabilize the metatarsal-phalangeal joints to provide extra stability and reduce the amount of weight on the toes. The plates stabilize the forefoot and distribute weight onto the ball of the foot rather than onto the toes.


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