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antepes (an-teeps) Muscle Runners

antepes is the Latin word for "forefoot"
Muscle Strengthening Footwear to Enhance Training & Performance in any sport

improve your stride and cadence, and increase your heart rate over a shorter distance and period by shifting the momentum and impact from your joints onto your muscles while running and training



  • Forefoot Cushioning: 27.5 MM (With Insole: 31.5 MM)
  • Heel Cushioning: 17.5 MM (With Insole: 21.5 MM)
  • Forefoot Gain™️ of 10MM (heel-to-toe gain) - more cushioning under the forefoot than under the heel for phenomenal shock absorption by the musculature of the legs
  • Heel Gain™️ of 18MM (heel outsole raised above ground) - for extra ground clearance to avoid rubbing on the ground when forefoot striking
  • Weight for Size M8.5: 256g/9oz - So light you might think you're flying
  • The forefoot is dropped about 10 MM lower than the heel inside the shoe - Shaped like a running foot so you don't have to push against and fight the shoe


Performace Trainers to Enhance the 4 Planes of Sport
  • Vertical | Lateral | Forward | Backward
Get Stronger & Healthier by Running and Training with Proper Form
ForeStrike - HEELX - ForeSpring
  • ForeStrike™️ is enabled by our Forefoot Gain and Heel Gain technologies

  • Forefoot Gain™️ provides a negative heel-to-toe drop of between 8-10mm (based on shoe size)

  • Heel Gain™️ elevates the heel from the ground about 18mm

  • HEELX™️ is our innovative heel-counter that locks in the heel to reduce the shoe’s friction against the Achilles tendon. HEELX™ sits between the ankle (malleolus) bones and the Achilles to secure the heel (calcaneus) while still ensuring full ankle mobility

  • ForeSpring™️ Plate is a Dual-Flex Carbon Fiber Plate that is more flexible in the forefoot and more rigid under the arch and heel

  • ForeSpring™️ Foam: Dual-Density TPE foam for maximum comfort and performance
spot your weaknesses and work on improving your skills

Enhanced Training for Running & Sports

By Training with the MUSCLE RUNNERS you'll benefit from the following due to the increased muscle engagement & calf and tendon extension:

1. Improving your running & training form - Form is First

2. Adding another element or skill to your abilities

3. Strengthening the less used & underutilized muscles

4. Preventing overuse and focusing on underutilized & quick-twitch muscles

5. Laying a Foundation to success by enhancing your running training and workout drills by adding extra dorsiflexion and extension of the calf muscles and the Achilles tendon

5. Repetition Leads to Injury (RLTI) Mitigation: Preventing overuse by training underutilized muscles that lead to enhanced performance

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Highly Performing Materials for maximum Performance

Midsole: Top layer is a soft TPE foam, bottom layer is a less soft TPE foam

Insole: TPE foam

HEELX™️ Counter's Foam: TPE foam

HEELX™️ Counter's Hard Exterior: TPU

ForeSpring™️ Plate: Dual-Stiffness Dual-Split Carbon Fiber Plate 

ForeGrip™️ Outsole: Natural Rubber-based 

Bio-Based Sock Upper: The Knit Fabric is Composed of the Highest Quality Luxury Materials:

  • 30% Merino Wool 
  • 30% Lenzing® Certified Tencel® (Eucalyptus Tree Fibers) 
  • 30% Hot-Melt Nylon (for Performance and Durability) 
  • 10% Spandex (for Stretchability in the Tongue) 
Muscle Runners™️ packaged inside the fascia cruser™️

Free Fascia CRUSHER™️ massage roller

Free fascia crusher™️ included with every order of MUSCLE RUNNERS™️, so run (don't walk) to the checkout!

Functional and Essential Packaging You've Never Seen Before

Preparation & Recovery

Massage and roll your muscles with the fascia crusher before and after your runs to help prepare and recover your body from your Muscle Run.

fascia crusher™️ is an purpose-built massage roller designed to help you prepare for a MUSCLE RUN™️ and recover therefrom. A dual-hardness surface is meant to target sore muscles and also fascia buildup that may need that extra resistance.

Welcome to a healthier and stronger running by increasing muscle engagement and reducing joint impact. And that’s what we call Muscle Running. You're getting all the tools you need for a healthier running through a better running form.

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Hear from some Muscle Runners

Love these new shoes from antepes

I was looking for a shoe that helped not only strengthen my calves but also help me run with better technique. antepes Muscle Runners force you to run correctly, strengthening all your lower body muscles.


-Francesco C.

Building Calf Muscle

These shoes slowly but surely allowed me to regain stronger calves and legs after taking years off from sports. It took me a short while to get used to the natural stride but it was certainly worth it. Definitely a must have for runners looking to build stronger legs.


-Shawn B.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

A beautiful shoe, feels extremely smooth.

Isaiah Reyes

The best running I’ve ever put on my feet very comfortable and light weight they feel exactly like a maxfly

Kent Robertson
Excellent shoe

I like these as they’re a good transitional shoe to actual Track shoes. They have enough cushioning For your joints, but at the same time while you’re Achilles tendon to fully load up and spring with each step in a sprint or a jump. Highly recommend

Kevin Stringer
Best running shoes!

As a sprinter this shoe has helped me so much in making sure my foot strikes are with the correct part of the foot. I feel the correct muscles working and I feel myself getting faster. Has to be the best running shoe purchase I have ever made! 10/10

James Perkins
Awesome Shoes!

Awesome for sprint training! Will be buying another pair after these wear down. Will always have them in my shoe collection for weekly training!