We say it time and time again Muscle Runners are a “sprint spike for the road”

With their ForeSpring™ dual density TPE foam plus ForeSpring™ dual flex carbon fibre plate technology Muscle Runners can go head-to-head with their spiked counterparts. But one place where track spikes can’t go and where Muscle Runners can is on pavements and roads. In a series of posts we’ll bring you workouts designed to get the most from your Muscle Runners and your sprinting. We start with a great sprint specific warm-up.

Goal: to warm-up specifically for max velocity sprinting and other high intensity work and to strengthen soft tissue specially.



This warm-up follows what’s known as the RAMP principle:

Raise body temp

Activate muscles

Mobilize movements


(Potentiate means switch on the body mentally and physically so that is able to produce high-powered efforts, like sprinting)



Suitable for: those with a month or two’s consistent Muscle Runner use.

Important: you must have completed regular sprints with or without Muscle Runners

Duration: approx. 15min

Raise body temperature with a couple of minutes of easy running. Get used to the dynamic “push” your Muscle Runners give you.

1: In-place back to front leg cycle

Stand with feet staggered (line toes of one foot up with heel of other). Take rear most foot back by lifting the leg (glutes will be the initial driver) and then bending the knee before pulling the foot to the front of the hips. Keep toes up throughout and coordinate arms with legs. At end position thigh should be parallel to the ground, torso upright and front arm near eye-level.

Keep torso braced throughout.

Work to a 6-7 out of 10 effort level

Do: 2-3 x 10 on each leg

2: Step back Lunge

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Pick heel of one leg up and rotate the foot to the front to enter a lunge position.

It’s important to rotate the leg behind the hips – this will, like the previous drill, activate the hamstrings which are crucial for sprinting.

Co-ordinate arms with legs.

Work to a 6-7 out of 10 effort level

Do: 2-3 x 10 on each leg

3: Calf lowers (no shoes)

Rise up onto tip-toes and slowly lower to a 3-5 count - try not to let the heels touch the ground between reps. This exercise will warm-up your calf muscles and Achilles tendons and help protect them against injury.

Work to a 6 out of 10 effort level

Do: 2-3 x 10

4: Hip swing drill

The hips are crucial for sprinting and this drill will specifically activate the muscles that lift the leg into the high knees position characteristic of sprinters.

Take a step forward and swing one thigh in advances of the hips to parallel. The swing needs to be a "swing" and not a stiff lift with no forward extension. Swing the hip fast enough so that the momentum takes you up onto the toes of the stepping leg.

Keep torso upright and coordinate arms with legs. Think "step-swing".

Work to a 6-7 out of 10 effort level

Do: 2 x 20m (left and right legs)

5: Sprint arms with switch in lunge position

Assume a lunge position and arm sprint. Make sure the front arm’s hand reaches close to eye-level and the rear upper arm is near to parallel to the ground. Sprint coaches call this “socket to pocket”. Keep this range throughout

After 3-4 seconds jump to switch legs whilst continuing to arm sprint.

Work to a 7 out of 10 effort level

Do: 3 changes x 2 (approx. 2 x 16sec of work)

6: Cycling on the spot

Cycle your legs so that the foot passes mid-shin level when rotating to the front. Keep toes up and strike on forefoot. The Muscle Runners' design will very much aid this with their negative heel gain (of 8-10mm depending on size). Keep the hips up and coordinate arms with legs.

Think that you are"pushing pedals around on a bike".

Work to a 7 out of 10 effort level. Take plenty of recovery – this is the warm-up!

Do: 3-4 x 8-10sec

7: Treadmills

Assume a press-up position with arms extended. Keeping your butt down exchange legs quickly.

This is to further “wake-up” the hips – which are crucial for sprinting.

Work to an 8 out of 10 effort level

Do: 2-3 x 6-8sec bursts

8: In-place isometric emphasis jump

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend knees very quickly to lower into a three-quarter squat position. Use hamstrings to pull down. Hold for 5 seconds and then jump up as dynamically as possible. Extend ankles, knees and hips (known as triple extension). Use arms to boost power.

Full on 10 out of 10 effort level

Do: 2 x 6 (take 10-15sec between each jump).

9: Straight leg jumps

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and using the ankles primarily jump up and down. Minimise knee bend on ground contact and emphasis speed. Your Muscle Runners will aid push off and the quick reactions required.

Full on 10 out of 10 effort level

Do: 2 x 10

10: Fast down fast up jump

To really get you ready to sprint! As with exercise 8 pull down very quickly to a three-quarter squat but this time jump straight back up. Triple extend as before. You are trying to catch the “stretch” before the “reflex” as happens in a plyometric activity and when sprinting. Think fast move fast!

Full on 10 out of 10 effort level

Do: 3 x 4

Look out for more workouts in future posts.

See the Muscle Runner here.

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A beautiful shoe, feels extremely smooth.

Isaiah Reyes

The best running I’ve ever put on my feet very comfortable and light weight they feel exactly like a maxfly

Kent Robertson
Excellent shoe

I like these as they’re a good transitional shoe to actual Track shoes. They have enough cushioning For your joints, but at the same time while you’re Achilles tendon to fully load up and spring with each step in a sprint or a jump. Highly recommend

Kevin Stringer
Best running shoes!

As a sprinter this shoe has helped me so much in making sure my foot strikes are with the correct part of the foot. I feel the correct muscles working and I feel myself getting faster. Has to be the best running shoe purchase I have ever made! 10/10

James Perkins
Awesome Shoes!

Awesome for sprint training! Will be buying another pair after these wear down. Will always have them in my shoe collection for weekly training!