Speed kills - it leaves your opponents for dead! Dramatic but true. Everything else being equal the faster the athlete the better the athlete. For many 40 yards is the Holy Grail. However, regardless of distance Muscle Runners will get your sprint times down and your speed up.

1: Muscle Runner teaches better acceleration

Getting to your fastest gear requires a fast transition through the slower gears. Leg speed increases as velocity increases. The first step is vital. It sets up subsequent acceleration.

Technique Tips: Back foot - this needs to come through to the front low and fast as the front (push) leg extends dynamically. Arms must swing long and powerfully. Foot contact must be on the fore-foot. Body should be inclined forwards and the work of the legs will very much be a pushing one.

Toes will be down as you push the ground back behind you to accelerate. The Muscle Runner's stiffness will allow you to max power output. Keep a negative shin angle over the first 15-20 yards and keep your acceleration, deliberate and powerful. Don’t rush it.

Muscle Runners are designed to throw you forwards on foot-strike with their negative heel gain (8-10mm depending on size) and forefoot carbon plate ForeSpring technology.

2: Muscle Runner enhances max velocity sprint mechanics

After about 20 yards of acceleration sprinting form becomes more upright and the “work” of the legs will transfer from “behind the hips” to “in front”.

The foot will work into the ground from a toes up position (as opposed to the toes down acceleration one) as you strike the ground on your forefoot from a high knee lift. Muscle Runner's Fore Strike® technology will optimize contact position and energize toe-off. You’ll need powerful hips to drive your legs.

 3: Get more powerful in your Muscle Runner

"Muscle Runners again provide you with the edge - they'll give you a training advantage compared to other running shoes."

Specific training will increase speed. Sprint work of course will be vital but so too will specific drills and plyometrics.

Muscle Runners will provide you with the edge - they'll give you a training advantage compared to other running shoes. They’ll get your weight to transfer quickly and optimally as you do sprint drills, drop jumps and bounding drills.

Getting off the ground powerfully and quickly will mean faster sprint speed.

And with Muscle Runners being super light - just 256g/90z (size 8.5), you’ll feel like you’re flying as they energise your sprint specific work.

Muscle Runner Tip: Hill sprints will aid both acceleration and max velocity (use a slight incline for best results). And here the multi-surface usability of Muscle Runners makes them the right choice again. ForeSpring™️ dual density TPE foam plus the ForeSpring™️ dual flex carbon fibre plate technology provides power, stability and grip.

As we say Muscle Runners are a “track spike for the road”.

Look out for more detailed training ideas and plans on how to get the most from your Muscle Runners.

See the Muscle Runner here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

A beautiful shoe, feels extremely smooth.

Isaiah Reyes

The best running I’ve ever put on my feet very comfortable and light weight they feel exactly like a maxfly

Kent Robertson
Excellent shoe

I like these as they’re a good transitional shoe to actual Track shoes. They have enough cushioning For your joints, but at the same time while you’re Achilles tendon to fully load up and spring with each step in a sprint or a jump. Highly recommend

Kevin Stringer
Best running shoes!

As a sprinter this shoe has helped me so much in making sure my foot strikes are with the correct part of the foot. I feel the correct muscles working and I feel myself getting faster. Has to be the best running shoe purchase I have ever made! 10/10

James Perkins
Awesome Shoes!

Awesome for sprint training! Will be buying another pair after these wear down. Will always have them in my shoe collection for weekly training!