A short review of the antepes Muscle Runner 

The Antepes Muscle Runners are a groundbreaking addition to the running shoe market, designed with the ambitious goal of transforming running form and enhancing performance. Here's an in-depth review of these innovative shoes:

Design and Build Quality: The Muscle Runners boast a unique 10mm heel-to-toe gain, which is a standout feature in the design. This unconventional approach places more cushioning in the forefoot (27.5mm) than in the heel (17.5mm), promoting a forefoot strike that aligns with the techniques of elite runners [1]. The shoes are crafted with sustainable materials, including a Merino wool and Tencel upper, which not only supports environmental consciousness but also provides a comfortable, breathable fit [2]. 

Performance: Upon first wear, the Muscle Runners may feel slightly awkward, but they quickly reveal their strengths. They are surprisingly light and provide a stable landing on the forefoot, which can help strengthen lower leg muscles and encourage better running form and posture [2]. The shoes come with a foam roller, emphasizing the importance of muscle preparation and recovery when adapting to this new running style [w1]. 

Some Pros: 

  • Encourages a more efficient running form 
  • Made with light, sustainable materials 
  • Includes a foam roller for muscle maintenance 
  • Can potentially build strength and improve running posture [1] [2] 

To be mindful of: 

  • Transition period needed for getting started with the shoes. Recommended to be used 2 to 3 times a week until fully accustomed to the intensity of the shoes

Customer Experience: The feedback on customer service has been positive, with easy returns and exchanges for sizing issues. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, making the online purchasing experience less daunting [4]. 

Conclusion: The Antepes Muscle Runners are not just a pair of shoes; they are a comprehensive approach to running. The benefits they offer in terms of form improvement and muscle strengthening make them a worthy investment for serious runners looking to enhance their performance. The eco-friendly construction is a bonus for those mindful of their environmental impact. Overall, the Muscle Runners are a bold step forward in running technology, offering a unique experience that could very well shape the future of running footwear [1] [2]. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
James Perkins
Awesome Shoes!

Awesome for sprint training! Will be buying another pair after these wear down. Will always have them in my shoe collection for weekly training!

Walking Shoe

I bought this to help shift my weight into my heels while standing and it definitely works. I am having a bit of rubbing on the heels and the achilles alignment “horns” are kind of annoying and feel unnecessary. I like the fabric a lot and they feel really good on my feet. Overall though, I think they’re a quality shoe that fulfilled my need when there isn’t much out there with this heel drop.

Beautiful Build

I don't wear the shoes, but they are a high quality shoe. I've owned many running shoes over the years and these would compete with any runners you compare them to in looks and structure.

Max Larsen


Brandon Bennett
Strength. Building

I felt my calf muscles and feet muscles immediately being worked as soon as I put the Antepes on my feet. They made me stay up on the balls of my feet and balance myself. I could feel my ankles, my hamstrings bottom line my whole leg being worked. I love them and am looking at purchasing more for my 2 boys and others that I work with that I work with doing sports training.