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December 26, 2022

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Todd Woods
Strength Shoes

An amazing product. Fantastic quality. Not really a fan of ordering online… but took a chance. Great customer service. The first shoe was a half size too big. Return was easy where I reordered the right size. Only recommendation is that you start slow. My son runs track and is using them for warmups right now. He said he definitely feels them working. Definitely a recommendation purchase

Charles Shedrick
Muscle recruiter

Promotes effective running form. Great training shoe. After consistently running in the muscle runner if I can feel the distinction in foot placement when running. I would equate it to a swimmer that can easily identify I poor stroke after mastering proper body alignment. I think this is important in terms of being able to properly address muscle imbalances or prevent future muscle imbalances that often develops in the occasional recreational runner. We can't stop the clock on our bodies, but we can slow the rate of degradation to our joints that often develop because of overuse and the lack of proper muscle recruitment. I think the shoe is a great addition to the toolkit of the recreational runner, seasoned athlete ( e.g., speed work), or morning walker ( e.g., proper muscle recruitment).

Ben Valentine

I'm not Ben but nice shoes

Floyd Grossett
Great shoes with a learning curve.

I got these for my son for track & field. He runs sprints and some middle distance. We also got these with an eye on strengthening his feet, ankles and calves for football. He plays corner.
So far he really likes them even with the added soreness to his calves during the break-in. They are helping him with his form for running as they force him to run on the balls of his feet. The overall fit and comfort are good but I needed to get him a half-size up so they last through the season. He’s in growth spurt at 15yrs old. All this is to say his heel slips slightly when he uses them for sled pushes on gym days. It’s not an extreme issue and does not affect him when he’s actually running.
I’m curious to see how a season of training in these will translate to the other sports he participates in. Our theory is to strengthen his base, will help him minimize injuries.

Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James The III Jr.