antepes Muscle Runners incorporate many ground-breaking technologies, including a higher sole stack in the forefoot area as compared to the heel area. We're bringing a new type of product to the market which has not existed before. This is only the beginning. We can't wait for you to start incorporating Muscle Running into your routine.

Eco-friendliness and sustainability is an essential attribute to the overall antepes foundation. Without environmental consciousness and consideration, our running footwear wouldn't be able to have the same impact on runners, their communities and surroundings. At antepes we know that history is the foundation of our future and if we ignore the impact of the industry we operate in has had on the environment, then we would just become part of the problem. 

antepes wants to help you grow stronger physically and mentally, but at the same time we want to grow with you and become your innovative and eco-friendly running footwear partner in action. 

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